"Justice" ... Fire-breathing Dragon

Justice is a 1984 Honda Nighthawk S 700cc shaft-driven motorcycle... I have a 98 Triumph that I ride on the street. Justice has gone beyond the life of a typical commute bike to become something more ..

I trailered Justice our to BurningMan 2000, and turned her into an Artbike on the playa, employing chicken wire for suggested shape, used CDs for scales, and alot of silver spraypaint. She was the only motorcycle to be given the covetted DMV (Department of Mutant Vehicles) priviledge of being permitted Day & Night on the Playa.

I had a blast, people enjoyed riding "bitch" across the playa, and since DRAGONS roamed the playa that year (it was the Chinese Year of the Dragon), Justice was in the right place at the right time.

Draka, roamed that year as well, and Justice sort of became an inspired baby dragon to the huge 4-car monster bar car that carried me around the Playa every night after i finished working on my projects. My hat's off to Lisas and her team of Dragon Girls and boys who built Draka... first fledging her wingspan on the playa in 2000 when Justice came to be reBorn too.

Like almost everyone else at Burning Man, I am obsessed with Fire. And having a Fire-Breathing Dragon became the goal of the project.

For the Underwater World theme, I developed a concept of Justice and Mercy - the "stable names" of Scylla & Charybdis - Greek mythological monsters who gave birth to the term: "Stuck between a Rock and a Hard Place." Charybdis was the Hard Place.

Although I have figured out much of the art of this bike for myself, meaning with the help and support of my hellbent friends, I am indebted to many people for their generous help.

pEEf, the Secret Weapon behind many projects, both on-Playa and off, Pouneh, one of the goddess of fire amonst the Flaming Lotus Girls, Orion and Justin of THERM , & Mike McCabe of cAtAcLYsMic mEGaShEAr rAnCh have shared their secrets, their pyro-techniques, their time and sometimes their tools.

An ex was the original mastermind (with some masterful help from our hellbent friends) behind the fire on Justice. That part of the project together over a summer, and it had kept us up nights and working throughout entire party-packed weekends while we madly created this Beastie who was reborn on the Playa for 2001. DJ bailed in 2003. Justice continues to grow and develop and improve.

I can now hot wire a bike, rig propane for mobile as well as large scale fire art, and i am working on learning the electrical system.

This spring, the Discovery Channel followed us around filming for a few days. I don't know if it will air in the Fall of 2004 or not, but watch Monster Nation for faces you may recognize !


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